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How to programmatically check a node responding or not


I am trying to create an utility to check the node is reponsing in our multinode environment. As of now we are manually logging in to each node and make sure it is responding or not which is time consuimg. I created an utility IsNodeUp(pdn article example) which will login to the node as guest user. But the difficulty with it is i need to access 16 nodes url by hitting all the 16 nodes url and make sure.

I am trying to create an utility(Activity) which will hit all the nodes url and parse the http response and show it in a Dashborad as a consolidated status.

Production Version : Pega 6.3 SP1

We are having 4 servers and each server has 4 nodes in it. So totally 16 nodes. I am trying to create an utility(Activity) to check all the 16 nodes status and trigger an email to our team if any of the node not responding.

Please let me know is there OOTB way to do this? Is there any Java API to ping the 16 nodes url and get the https code to parse it and find?

Apreciate your help on this.

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