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how to read data input from other API submission (Json format) ?

Hi Pega expert,

I am designing UI to process work approval process.

At step 1, the UI read information input from other API (maybe Jason format)

Finally UI send feedback to API.

How to process this ?

Appendix work flow:

  1. Trifacta API send recipe approval email to manager. And at the same time, API send recipe information to Pega
  2. Once Pega get the submission information, extract the information, pull data from Trifacta
  3. Manager logs in Pega and check the recipe information (dashboard indicates the recipe status)
  4. Manger makes decision (reject or approval , also add comments)
  5. Pega send manager’s decision back to API and send email to submitter.
  6. API update the recipe status.
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