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Bala G (BKrishna)

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Posted: June 25, 2020
Last activity: June 28, 2020

How to rectify Broken Processes flow in Pega?

Hi Guys,

I have gone through the existing PDN articles regarding broken process. I could not resolve my problem. 

My problem scenario is:

In Case life cycle: Stage1 (All steps are executed properly),

Stage 2 > Step 1 activity is called, in that activity one step is written to assign to work list, due to no operator id in database [of course validation should have been done before calling assign to work list], process is broken and it is assigned to work basket and process is broken.

Later Operator ID value is updated in database table, Stage 2 > Step 1 Activity is pulling Operator ID properly from DB (through RD)

Now when I click on broken process 'Begin' or 'Restart problem flow from the begining' or 'Resume Problem flow' or Retry last step of problem flow', I am getting below error, What ever the activity is called in Stage 2 > Step 1, tracer activity is not coming, so, why it is not starting from where it was failed? how to fix this issue? 

Flow: FDOAIFApproval_Flow

Step: (Assignment1)

Error: No routing information was provided for this assignment.


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