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How to reference Simulation RunID while publishing the results to IH


As part of simulation implementation, we are writing the strategy results into IH which we would like to visualize through the Pega OOB reports. In order to filter out the results based on the simulation run we are trying to populate a unique id in IH for every simulation run.

Our dataflow is fairly simple with the Customer Dataset as the source and IH as the output. We tried creating an activity to call the dataflow, in the activity before the dataflow execute step we assigned a unique value to a property in a node level Datapage which we tried fetching in the dataflow just before IH drop. But since we running on 3 nodes the unique value was generated more than once and effort turned out to be futile.

The only option we see here is somehow fetching the pyRunId of the Batch run of the dataflow and populating it in the IH, but we are not sure how to reference the property. Any pointers or any suggested design changes will be helpful.

We are on Pega 7.3.1.



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