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How to report data from Archive table of different schema?

Hi Team,

We are using pega 6.1 SP2. We have a requirement to report the data from Archive table.

Archive table is in different schema with no details of Work class other than PYID and Blob columns. Is there any way can we report from Blob column?

We thought of below options

1. Changing the Primary Work Class to Archive Table and run the List View report to fetch data from Archive and then revert back to original.

Cons: This inhibits the production users to work as it causes the main work objects be saved in archive table if users work on.

2. Retrieve archived data back to the main work table and run listview and re-archive the retrieved work items.

Cons: Retrieving archive items bring all dependent data instances be retrieved into other tables which would cost a performace issue.

Is there any approach would you suggest us?

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