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Jav Shamsuddin (JavS9029)
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Posted: August 13, 2020
Last activity: September 14, 2020

how to report on web chat transfers

our business is looking to identify chat metrics around transfers

 e.g. in a client's chat session  how many transfers took place, and information about each transfer  i.e. from current representative to which transferred representative / queue,


also how can you tell if a transferred chat was accepted  or declined (whether representative declined or  transfer timed out )


(if more detailed information could be added in the chat transcript regarding transfer it would simplify our reporting needs as the chat transcript could all the information needed ??) 


I have seen some information in 




but don't have enough information about how to  use the reports - so any documentation on the report definitions  would be very helpful.

one of the questions is what the status's Unprocessed, Resolved etc mean.


it seems the information is there but no explanation of what actually is there and how to use it 




Pega Chat 8.1 Reporting Financial Services System Architect