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How to resolve Missing stream key property pyStreamName when calling Activity Work-.StartNewFlow from within Agent Activity


I have an Agent Activity.  It loads a Sub-case via the appropriate handle.  I want to invoke a Flow on the Sub-case.  Under certain circumstances, this flow results in the cancelling of the sub-case.  When I invoked the Work-.StartFlow the desired result did not work.  The functionality works as desired when I invoke Activity Work-.StartNewFlow. 

However, I continually get "Missing stream key property pyStreamName" when I run the Agent Activity manually.

This is coming from Step 13 of StartNewFlow.

Is the error a result of me triggering this Agent Activity manually?

Or is it because I have not set HarnessPurpose on the parameter to StartNewFlow?

When I tried setting the HarnessPurpose parameter to Perform it gave me many different errors and thus removed the setting of the value

Any assistance/help on which direction I should take to prevent this error from occurring?  (stack trace ends up in application server logs)

(Pega Version:  7.1.8)


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