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How to restrict the no.of records in summary view when group by field is used???

I have a requirement to display the no.of open cases in a chart. I am using summary view.The cases are grouped by a property SLAStatus which may have three values goal,deadline,current.

In the chart I am able to display the records .We are getting the results on SummaryViewContentPage .The pxResultCount is 3 .

in pxResults(1) the pxSummaryCount is 400, pxResults(2) the pxSummaryCount is 300 and the pxSummaryCount is 50.

Is there way to restrict the pxSummaryCount to 500 or retsrict the total count pxResult(1).pxSummaryCount(1)+ pxResult(2).pxSummaryCount(1)+ pxResult(3).pxSummaryCount(1) to 500.

Thanks In Advance,

Saba Fathima.

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