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how to reuse page list records inside another page list without duplicating the data


I have a case with huge data and have more relationships between the data.

Consider a scenario, Intake to Pega/User provides master data for vendors which is in VendorList page list which is at work level. We also have another page lists ProviderList and ContractList at work level. User will associate one or more vendors from the master vendors ie VendorList.

am thinking the below approaches.

1. creating another page list VendorList under ProviderList and ContractList and copy the page list record in it.

2. Creating Page lists VendorList inside ProviderList and have unique identifier of master vendor record and have another page property called VendorDetails under VendorList page list use a referencial parameterized data page pointing to VendorList() and the parameter would be the indentifier that we copied to .ProviderList().VendorList().Identifier.

what would be best way to handle this scenarios without duplicating the data?

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