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How to run a thorough validation pre/post migration?

Here's an article from 6+ years ago on PDN:

"Using a list view report on rules, a 5-step activity, and an HTML rule, you can revalidate all rules in one RuleSet, one RuleSet version, or a specific list of RuleSet versions..."

That's a lot of work which is probably no longer necessary. This article should probably be updated/replaced.

Here's my survey of the rule validation tools which I've put on our own intranet:

  • Revalidate for References - Validates by Ruleset/Name. Runs synchronously in main thread.
  • Revalidate and Save Instances - Runs per Class (pxObjClass) -- makes updates to history/pxUpdate* properties (unnecessarily!)
  • Static Assembler - Was available in commandline through v6.2; via Developer Dashboard in v6.3+ . Runs asynchronously. Creates log file of validation failures for download (with stacktraces)

After doing a migration, it is prudent to revalidate the AccessGroups, to ensure that the application rules & roles are updated as well.

This is important since an accessgroup failure could well be catastrophic, preventing user login, or even preventing system startup (for AccessGroups used by Data-Admin-Requestors)

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