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Posted: March 1, 2020
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How to Save an object with Savable Data page ?

As with Obj-Save , how to use Savable Data page to save and object  . 


Approach I Followed : :

1.From activity used to Save-DataPage method to call a Savable Datapage  , which takes string as parameter .

Passes the object as a string to that Savable Data page  .


Step 1 : Property-set in my activity - Setting the woject as a parameter


Param.WObject = "ActualWOObject"



Step 2 : calling savable Data page  with Parameter ObjectID and passing the parameter - Param.WObject in my activity 




ObjectID : Param.WObject"


Step 3  : Called a Data Transform from the Savable Datapage with a Parameter of type Page and send ObjectID . 


With In Data transform  , I am assigning the primary with my Param page 


Data Transform  : SaveWObject DT  which is defined as a source in Data page

Param : WObject of type Page


Steps  :


Update Primary to Param.WObject



But this is not working and getting the error as Savable Data page has some errors which is not clearlt visible in the tracer .


But the clipboard has the error on the Savable Datapage  -

  • .pxInsName:Keys of Instance Value must be specified


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