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Ilya Fedotochkin (Fedotochkin Ilya)

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Posted: January 9, 2018
Last activity: January 10, 2018

How to send synchronous response and continue processing?

Hello everyone!

I have such a scenario:

  • There is a JMS service on Pega side and it works synchronously.
  • External systems call this service to start a process. This process has several connectors to other systems, and there is an assignment after these connectors.
  • After work object is created we need to send its ID to external system in a response.

What I want is to have such an interaction:

  • External system calls our service.
  • Service parses and validates a request.
  • If everything is OK, service sends a response (technical notification to notify external system that we received a message and it is valid).
  • Then a process starts with all connectors in it.
  • When the assignment is reached we can only say that work object successfully created and a process started on it. And now we can send its ID to external system with success status. Or we can send fail status with details if something gone wrong during integrations.

The question is: how can I send a response in a service activity an then call some additional processing? In my case it's a processing of flow. The only way that I can see now is to use an agent in the end of service activity, but that is undesirable way. What else we have OOTB?

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