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Rei Akamatsu (ReiA7543)
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NTT Data Getronics Corporation
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NTT Data Getronics Corporation
Posted: March 2, 2021
Last activity: March 2, 2021

how to set value of "Office Version" in RuntimeConfig to use Office 365.

I'm using Pega Robotics Automation 19.1.

And I will configurate to use  Pega Robotics Automation 19.1 with Office 365.

But There is no sample seting value of AppSetings  "OfficeVersion" in configuration file "RuntimeConfig" to use with Office 365.

I would like to know seting value  AppSetings's Key "OfficeVersion" to use Office 365.

excerpt of configration file follow.

    <!-- Version of OpenSpan Office assemblies to use with Runtime. -->     <!-- Values: "None", "2007", "2010", "2013", "2016" or "2019" -->     <add key="OfficeVersion" value="2019" />  

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