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How to Show API Response under a Drop Down

I have configured REST - Connect Using Designer Studio == > Integration ==> Connectors ==> Create REST Integration .

The Response from API Call is


Under the Integration Layer , it has generated Service , all corresponding Request and Response classses and a Data Page by name D_SearchCatalog .

When i ran the DataPage , it runs fine and returns me data as shown in the attached picture .

2. I also created a Activicty , and was calling the above created using Connect-REST Method

This was the response from the Activicty (show -page with response_GET )

<envm REPEATINGTYPE="PageList">
<rowdata REPEATINGINDEX="1">
<rowdata REPEATINGINDEX="2">
<rowdata REPEATINGINDEX="3">

My question is , from the API response , i need to extract the envm array and show the values in a drop down

For now , i just created a dropDown under UI Section .

I am comfortable with java , if java can help under Activicty , please let me know after getting the JSON under java , how to show it in UI

Could you please tell me how should i procceed ??

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