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Posted: May 1, 2019
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how to show a html upon user timeout

We use single sign on for our application.

In our application, we use authentication service rule "WebLDAP1" to configure SSO.

In "WebLDAP1", we specify "Authentication activity" and "Timeout activity".

Log in works without any issue.

Upon session timeout, we simply want to display a simple html stream which tells the user that the session is timed out.

Here is we do:

1) in the access group, under "Advanced tab", in "Access Control" section, set "Authentication timeout" to 120 (seconds, which is 2 minutes for testing purpose)

2) in "WebLDAP1",under "Custom" tab, in "Timeout options" section, select checkbox "Use PegaRULES Timeout"

3) in "WebLDAP1", under "Service" tab, in field "Timeout activity", specify an activity foo.

4) in activity "", do Show-HTML, which show a html stream with simple message

However, this set up does not work as expected.

In PegaRules log file, we can see that activity "" is called upon timeout, but the stream is not displayed in browser.

In the log file, at the "Show-HTML" step, there is debug level message: "Show method output is NOT suppressed."

There is also error message in the log right after the call to "", which says: No failure response set by custom authentication activity

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