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Posted: July 7, 2016
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How to show selected properties in Data explorer for developer operator?

Only users with check-out privilege can create reports in public categories. As part of our current release, we have a requirement that says "Site admins (A set of users) should be able to create reports in public category so that the other users should be able to use them." So, we gave enabled check-out option on all the Site admin's operator IDs.


We have another requirement which says that all the users, including Site Admins, should be able to see only a set of properties in the data explorer. We implemented the functionality using the data transform pyReportEditorProperties as suggested in the post . Now, as the Site admins have check-out privileges, they are not able to see just the set of properties configured using pyReportEditorProperties. These users see all the properties including the Pega properties and they found is confusing. So now we need a solution to one of the below two questions in order to achieve both the requirements.


1. Is there a way users can create reports in public categories without requiring the check-out privilege?

2. Or is there a way we can enforce the list of properties that appear in the data explorer even for users with check-out privilege?


We found that we can modify some rules to achieve this, but the rules are final. Example: pzPrepareReportExplorerFieldNames

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