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Posted: June 13, 2016
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How to stop CPM-7 portal from stealing focus

Product : CPM 7.1.3 on Pega 7.1.7

Question: We suspect the function focusDocument(module) in pzpega_ui_DynamicContainer.js is bringing the PEGA application into focus when we access the script. Is there a way to customize this or suppress this. Please review the below info and suggest if there would be better way to achieve this.


We are planning to run legacy and  PEGA applications in parallel, to achieve we are trying to create a case in PEGA application as soon as case is created in legacy application. This case creation in PEGA application should be in the background. Below is the scenario how it works:-

1.Open the legacy(.NET) application, PEGA application will also be opened in the background.

2.Card Member calls the customer support.

3. Call comes to legacy application.

4. Once authentication is cleared in legacy application, we need to create case in PEGA application as well in the background. CCP should always be viewing legacy application.

5. Also, if we end the case in legacy application, we would end the case in PEGA application.

To achieve step-4: We are calling the OOTB pega script from the legacy application as below with required parameters. Case is creating fine but the PEGA application is coming into focus always. We want this focus to be stopped.


To achieve step-5: We are first opening the pega case as below and then performing required actions. End call is fine, but PEGA application is stealing focus. We want to avoid PEGA application stealing focus.


Attempted Solution: We have placed snippet mentioned in the userworkform, that did not solve the initial focus.

Related SR's: SR-A76017

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