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Posted: September 21, 2018
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How to structure this data in PEGA

I'm trying to work out how this works in PEGA because no one seems to know. I currently have a spreadsheet which has lets say 3 important columns:

Customer Number, Account Number, Address Prefix

Each customer will have multiple accounts spread over multiple records. I'll need to flag all of that customers records as processed or errored as the robot works through them.

Because PEGA does not have the capability to work with excel by querying it as far as I can tell I've decided it'll be easier to manage this data in a database using queries to load, flag, move this data as I damn well please.

What I want to do is load a distinct list of CIS numbers via a query into an object in pega which can then be read through by a listloop to then feed this CIS number into a string variable. I then want to use this variable as a parameter in two subsequent queries to draw in: A list of accounts for that customer and the prefix for that customer.

My issue is what container do I use and how do I load the results of my query into it? I've tried using lookuptables but this doesn't seem to want to load anything, you can't seem to loop through a datatable.

Ideally what I'm looking for is the equivalent of creating a container for this in a class library so you'd have say "CustCase" as a class and "Custcase.CustNum" as a string, "Custcase.Accounts" as a list, and "Custcase.Prefix" as a string, to then be fed into an application to perform my automation. Once complete using the CIS again to flag back to the database that case is to complete and to ignore it next time.

This just seems absolutely impossible in pega whilst in a .NET application it would be really simple to code, could someone possibly point me into the direction of what components and methods would allow me to do this? I basically want to load my queries into these data items to allow me to loop through 1. The Customer numbers to define which case the process is to load and work on and 2. The Customers Accounts to be selected as part of the process

Robotic Process Automation
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