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How to test pxCompareTwoPageLists


I'm trying to use this activity to compare an original version of a pagelist with a version that a user will have modified - I have the corresponding grid set up to post any modified values to the modified version of the pagelist (Change event with Post Value action). I want to use this activity to determine which rows of the grid have been added and deleted, and I would create a loop to do this, since I realize it can only check one PropertyRef at a time. However, I'm having trouble just testing this activity - I've tried adding an extra row to one of the grids and deleting a row, but when I run my test activity that calls pxCompareTwoPageLists, it just indicates that the operation completed successfully, but without returning any values for the output parameters or any indication of the values that were added/deleted.

Could someone please provide an example of how to set the parameter values for this activity and what the expected output should look like?


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