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How to trace a certain user's operation history.

How can we obtain the operation logs including logging-in, updating some data, modifying some rules (e.g. decision tables) and others of designated users (e.g. Administrator)?
Actually these information is pretty important because we have to submit super users operation as the evidence for Internal Control Team.

The requirements of operation logs are the followings:

- Logging-in : operatorID, date & time and from where.
- Logging-out : operatorID and date & time.
- Data Modifying : operatorID, date & time, target table, target record, target column and modified value. (e.g. Operator ID, OperatorID = 'XXX', 'Allow rule check out' , False)
- Rule Changing : operatorID, date & time, target ruleset, target rule and changed contents. (e.g. CaseType AAA, Decision BBB, add condition 'XXXXXX' )
- Configuration : operatorID, date & time, target configuration and changed contents. (e.g. SSO2, Mapping - Property, 'XXXXXX' )
- Operation : operatorID, date & time, target action. (e.g. Application - Distribution - Package )

We search and found some information but it not enough even now.
Unsolved Matters are below.
So if someone knows about them, could you please let me know.

1) Logging-in, Logging-out, Configuration and Operation can be extracted from some log-files.
And we can open and filter by using log viewer which we can get the following link:

Unsolved Matter: We don't understand which log includes these information and which log level is required.

2) Rule Changing can be extracted from History-Rule.TrackSecurityChanges.

Unsolved Matter: We can’t get information about pyLabel and pxUpdateOperator like the attachements.

3) Data Modifying can be extracted from History-Data-Admin-Operator-ID.TrackSecurity.

Unsolved Matter: We can’t get information about pyLabel and pxUpdateOperator. (Exact same as the above)

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