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Nikhil Bhandari (NIKUBHAN)
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Posted: January 6, 2016
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How to track follow up cases along with original service requests in Pega 6.x/7.x

We are using Pega CPMHC 7 with Pega PRPC  6.2 sp2. We have Categories and intents defined for the CSR Reps. Each intent has its own process flow.

We have a requirement as follows:

1. Sometimes users may call a month after a intent case is resolved (may be 5% of the total cases) and mention that the issue was not resolved or they did not receive the letter & so on. In such a case the CSR creates a new case under a new interaction today for the same member

2. Business wants a way to link the original intent case with the new intent case & extend this functionality to subsequent cases of same type (So more than 1 case can be lined to the original case)

3. Business also wants to see the history of all such linked cases in the latest case.

Our proposed solution:

  • In the Member 360 screen of the interaction, we have a Recent interactions tab where we display the last 30 cases for the member (Open or closed)
  • We could provide a button to create related case on each of the eligible cases.
  • On click of the button, we will create a new intent of the same type & link it to the selected intent (using OOTB link activity)
  • For a child case, we will not display the button for creating a linked case as we don't want a chain of linked cases - we just want to be able to link the original case to multiple cases.

Business is not very happy with this & are looking for something more robust & supported by Pega. Could you please let me know if Pega 7 would be able to do this in a better way (as we have plans for upgrade soon) or is this the only solution possible whether we implement in Pega 6 or 7?

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