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How to track response from microsite to an offer flow

We are implementing the below use case, Can you please let us know is there any best approaches/ways to implement for the below points that we noticed.

We will initiating one offer to the customers such that first time we will send emails to the Customers here , if we wont get any response from the customers we need to send one more remainder email to those .

Here are the couple of questions for tracking the response in order to send the remainder emails.

  1. In the email treatments – Generally we will be including the buttons to capture response on click of it , but in our scenario we have just one link – on click of it we are launching the microsite where we are displaying the offer details and providing the flexibility for customer to enroll into offer by having one Enroll button - Is there any way to get the response that is happening in the microsite in order to send remainder mail to him in the offer flow ??
  2. Now first time we send remainder emails to customer we will be displaying that offer in the NBA , suppose if interaction happened with that customer and rejected that offer in the interaction portal – Is there any way to track this in the same offer flow not to send remainder mail to him because he already rejected the offer.

Can you please share your thoughts/ways that will be helpful to us.

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