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Posted: March 22, 2019
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How to update blob column from outside pega

Hi All,

We have requirement to insert records from backend process(outside pega) into DB table .

While doing insert, the Blob column (pzpvstream) is updating as Null.
So when the instance is handle using Obj-open-By-handle/ Obj-Open,
it throws error as Java.ArrayOutOfbound exception because the blob column (pzpvstream) is Null and both of the methods fetches records from pzpvstream (blob column).
So, can someone tell any possible ways to update the Blob column in insert query (Outside Pega - In Stored Procedure) .

Is there any way to insert blob data ?

Note : we found this option but want to know if any other way.-"Copy the record in a temporary page, using RDB method delete the existing record and insert it again using Obj method from Temp page where the instance is handling".


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