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Andrew Lamey (AndrewL9124)

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Posted: September 14, 2019
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How to use a CONNECT-SOAP rule in an Asynchronous way.

Hi All, within our application we currently have a CONNECT-SOAP rule that is running in a synchronous way, with immediate execution. When we call CONNECT-SOAP within an activity we use execution mode Run.

Our business is changing the way that this API (to which we connect with the CONNECT-SOAP) works in order to prevent timeouts that often occur with an external source. The API will now execute in an Asynchronous manner.

  • This will mean that when we call the API from our application we will get a transactionID and that will be it.
  • We are being asked to provide a URL (I am interpreting this as a SERVICE-SOAP on our end) that they can send the response back to along with the transactionID so that we can marry the response to the original Request.
  • Upon receiving this we would send back a response to confirm receipt.

I have been reading on community and amongst Pega documentation to understand how to do this and I keep contradicting myself. Although the SOAP API will be asynchronous, it occurs to me that as we are expecting a transactionID back initially, we may still be treating this as synchronous from our side. Am I correct here?

Should we be setting the Request Only checkbox on the CONNECT SOAP rule to unchecked (synchronous)? Image attached.

I am stuck also with how to marry up the call that they will send to our SERVICE-SOAP. This will contain the response which I need to link to the appropriate case (which will still be active) using, I assume, the transactionID. I think I need to change the CONNECT-SOAP call within the activity to use ExecutionMode RunInParellel and then follow this with a CONNECT-WAIT, but I am not sure. I cannot see how I marry this up. Or is the marrying up done with the service activity of the SERVICE-CONNECT ?

Any help here would be most welcome

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