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How to use Data Page for grid


When I run a wizard to create a Connect REST, it creates Data Page by itself. Now, I want to create a grid (table) in a section to show all the records that are retrieved by Connect REST, but I don't know how. Can someone please help.

For example, I have a D_XYZ and it returns multiple rows of results. Simply I want to show these records record in a drop down. So I selected Data Page for list source for drop down. And, I appended ".result" as below but Pega won't save this configuration.


I guess this is because here I am supposed to specify the name of Data Page, but if I do so, of course it won't work as Pega would not know the name of result property. Since this is a Single Page type Data Page, what would be the easiest way to achieve this? Why doesn't Pega create a Page List type of Data Page?





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Pega Platform 8.4 Data Integration
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