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Posted: March 24, 2016
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How to use JTAPI for Cisco UCM in PegaCALL?

We have PegaCALL installed. To configure integration with telephony we need to create CTI Link first. There is an option to create JTAPI CTI Link and chose JTAPI Vendor “Cisco UCM”.

Also, if you look inside prchannelservices.jar which is found within PegaCALL distribution package, you can find under com\pega\pegacti\jtapi\cisco following classes:

  • CiscoJtapiCall.class
  • CiscoJtapiDevice.class
  • CiscoJtapiSession.class

We tried to set up such CTI Link and run telephony toolbar to check how it works but it looks like that it doesn’t work at all, because we cannot even make login to CTI. So there are questions

Does anybody has an experience of configuring and using Cisco via JTAPI from PegaCALL?

Or does anybody has information whether such option is really supported by PegaCALL or not?

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