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how to use obj-filter method in an activity


Could you please advise on how to optimize an already existing activity? Pega PRPC 6.3 SP1.

In one of our strategies we filter out offers that have stock <= 0.

In order to get the stock value, our current implementation is:

  • List of propositions ( offers).Some of the properties are: inLife ( shows if the proposition is available or not in the current offer portfolio. Values Y or N),unique id of the proposition;

  • The above id is declared in an external application ( similar to a product catalog). Under this unique id are added some kid parameters. For each kid a stock is declared and maintained daily.

  • This stock is interrogated and retrieved in Pega PRPC application via a Web Service.

Currently we have an activity that has the following steps:

  1. Get propositions (obj-browse method for the propositions class)

  2. Get kid parameter for each unique offer id (obj-browse method – for a class belonging to an external table that contains the association unique id – kids)

  3. Call activity for Web Service.

The main issue is that:

  • For step 1 all propositions are retrieved ( even the ones that are no longer in current portfolio)

  • For step 2 all kids are retrieved

  • For step 3 – we are getting stocks for propositions that are not in our interest and this causes a lot of “noise” in Pega.

What we would like to do is :

  • Step 1: get only those propositions that have inLife parameter set to Y( inLife property is exposed)

  • Step 2 : get from the external table only those kid parameters that meet the condition: uniqueId in Pega = unique id in table

  • Step 3 – query the WS only for the kids of the inLife propositions.

I think that we might use the obj-filter method in this activity. I have read the obj-filter related topics, but unfortunately I couldn’t work out how should I implement it the activity. Please note that I am not a technical person.

Could you please help me with step by step guidelines?

Many thanks,

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