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How to use OOTB 'Create Merge Document' in Repeating Grid?


We use Correspondence Page list



     .TestList(2) and so on. Number of pages dynamically change based on the user inputs. For each page, we need to provide the user with OOTB "Create Merge Document" button. When the user clicks, corresponding word document should be generated and replaced with pega reference values.

Steps followed but unsuccessful for multiple letter generations:

1. Created new section which has repeating grid layout

2. Created HTML control and added the source code similar to OOTB 'CreateMergedWordDoc' section

3. Had issues with pxObjClass. I've copied the Word templated under the same class where Correspondence List property is available that resolved finding the correct Rule-Template-Word instance

4. WorkHandle parameter is null at runtime which is used by Activity 'getPropertyInsert' (Hardcoded with sample pzInsKey value

5. On Clicking first 'Create Merge Document' button, word document generated successfully and pega references replaced. Whereas, clicking second 'Create Merge Document' button it does nothing.

We are using IE11 browser. Please provide your thoughts on how to make use of OOTB Create Merge feature in repeating grid without any issues. Thanks.

Modified OOTB rules:

1. CreateMergedWordDocControl (New control similar to CreateMergedWordDoc SECTION) referred in the repeating row

     <pega:include name="pzWordMergeSL" type="Rule-HTML-Section"/>

     <input type="hidden" id="TemplateName" value="<%= tools.getParamValue("TemplateName") %>">

     <textarea name="FileSource" id="TextToEdit" cols=80 rows=10 style="display:none;" nowrap>



2. pzSilverLightWordMergeJavascript

3. pzWordMergeSL

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