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how to use parseThreadTopicHeader?

I did exactly what is described in this link and no results. I will explai after the link:…

When Field Name -> Thread-Topic is settled as the example in the link using the parseThreadTopicHeader as an utility function, and mapped to .pyInboundEmail as also in the example, the only property that gets value is the pyThreadTopic. The pyThreadTopicWorkHandle and pyThreadTopicCorrHandle is not settled as it should be. In the source of the email I have this:

Thread-Topic: (BBRAUNENT-IW-WORK I-3176;DATA-CORR-EMAIL BBRAUNENT-IW-WORK I-3176!20200213T131836.744 GMT) test inquiry 004 I-3176 X-PegaEmail-Handle: DATA-CORR-EMAIL BBRAUNENT-IW-WORK I-3176!20200213T131836.744 GMT X-PegaWork-Handle: BBRAUNENT-IW-WORK I-3176

I need a way to get value from either part of the Thread-Topic or the X-PegaEmail-Handle. Again I did everything as it was showed at Pega articles and none of them works. Could you please help with this?




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