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Posted: November 20, 2017
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how to use a PegaSurvey complex question to collect a table of information?

We are using PegaSurvey 71ML3

In our application, we need to collect a bunch of information from the callers. For example, the Pets that they have.

We plan to use PegaSurvey to collect this information.

We can ask many, many "simple" question like "Do you have pets?", "What type of pet?", "What is the breed?", "What is the name?" etc etc, even in a loop if the caller has multiple pets, like cat, dog, reptile, bird etc. But apparently, this is not ideal.

Instead, we hope to collect the Pets info using one Complex question. This complex question will present a table, user will be able to add/remove rows to this table dynamically. Each row represents a pet, with columns such as "Type" , "Breed", "Name", "age", "color" etc, which users can type in the values. The values provided will be stored in a page list or page group property.

I read the Developer Help on Complex question. It seems to be possible. But can someone with past experiences tell exactly how to configure the complex question answers in this scenario? For example, the "Question Mode" can be "Freeform", or "Table", which one is most suitable for our use case?

Big thanks in advance for any help shared!

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