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Posted: June 25, 2020
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how to use react components in pega 8.3


I want to configure react js and have to develop UI using react components in pega 8.3.


I have gone through the react starter pack: . 


While installing i am facing Batch file not found the in the Path...I have run this command in command prompt.. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Command Prompt error

## Installation Instructions

1.  Get Pega React Starter Pack zip file from Pega Exchange 2.  Unzip the, it should create PegaReactStarterPack813 directory that contains the following sub-directories:     CableConnectApp, Documents and ReactApp 3.  Using a terminal, cd into ./PegaReactStarterPack813. 4.  Install Cable Connect sample application by following the instruction in ./CableConnectSampleApp.pdf 5.  Make sure that your application server supports CORS. 6.  Install Yarn. Installation link [here]( 7.  Using a terminal, cd into ./ReactApp directory and unzip 8.  Using a terminal, cd into ./pegaapp-react 9.  Run the following commands:     * `yarn install`     * `yarn start` 10. This should open your browser to http://localhost:3000, which is where the application will be served.


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