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How the web servers open the local folder

hello everybody.

Now i have a requirement: click a button to pop up a folder selector. so I wrote a function as shown in Figure 1, and then in the 7.2 version, the folder selector can be opened, as shown in Figure 2, but it can't be opened at 7.2.2.

What's the reason for this? and Is there any OOTB rules that can implement the requirements ?

All your suggestions are to help me, thank you!

update:20171201 I guess the problem may not be the reason for the Pega version, so I changed the question. The Pega version of the local environment is 7.2, and the web servers environment is 7.2.2, so at the beginning I thought it was the cause of the version. But it should not . The question should be: How the web servers open the local folder?

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