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Posted: January 6, 2021
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Posted: 6 Jan 2021 11:34 EST
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HTML JSP Tags Loop Property Formatting

I am working on an HTML rule that will be using a loop. Each iteration I need to format a specific property for output to a pdf doc. The property is of type Date-Time. I only need the date. 

My rule looks like this:

<pega:forEach name="pyWorkPage.Detail.ProgressNotes">

    <p:r n="$THIS.Date" f="Date-Short" />


The property Date is a date/time property. I only need to use the date portion. When I utilize the formatting of Date-Short, I still get the value of "20210106T050000.000 GMT". 

I have tried a few different things. No matter what I have tried in the HTML rule, I cannot format the property correctly.

I need to format the property Date to be just the date in the format of dd-MMM-yyyy.

Any advice on how to do this within the HTML rule?

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