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Sruthi Ambati (SruthiA1487)
Cigna Corporation

Cigna Corporation
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Cigna Corporation
Posted: July 21, 2020
Last activity: July 21, 2020

HTML table designer for a table with header and data rows as different tables

I have a table(IEtable.jpg) on using HTML table designer , header and data rows cannot be created in one domtable i.e.,

1.A table is creating with header only and without data rows.(domtable2.jpg)

2. A table is creating with data rows without header.(domtable1.jpg)

In such cases, how match cells and data cells can be created ?

Can someone provide solution for this issue.Thanks.

Also , is it possible to add row from one domtable(domtable2) to other domtable(domtable1).

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