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I have to fetch data in the following format, is there any OOTB function to achieve this req.

Hi All, 


I have a requirement where I have to acheive data in this format. Is there any way I can achieve this OOTB functions or Report Definitions.

I have following data in three columns respectively, I need to bring them in to the preperties as shown below.

Column1   Column2     Column3

80             H                     100 80             V                     90     80             H                     85 80             H                     80     80            V                       80 90            H                      79 90            H                      89     90            V                      78     90            H                      75

======================================== Data needs to be in the properties as follows ========================================

Property1    Property2             Property3

80                  H,V                 80,85,90,100

90                  H,V                75,78,79,89


Please let me know a best feasble solution to this problem.


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