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Posted: June 11, 2020
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I need to dynamically show a property from a language dependend pagegroup in an autocontrol

I have this Data Page containing the addresses of different offices. Part of the data (streetname, town, office) is language dependend, so stored in an embedded pagegroup (index=languagecode).

D_Offices (office-class)

pxResults(1)    * housenumber (as this is language independend)    * ZIPCode    * LanguageDependendInfo(NL).Streetname (streetname in Dutch)                                                      .Town                                                      .Office    * LanguageDependendInfo(FR).Streetname (streetname in French)                                                      .Town                                                      .Office pxResults(2) ...


The objective is to display an autocomplete in my section containing the address in the users default language (OperatorId.Language), but make all languages seachable. So I tried showing .LanguageDependendInfo(OperatorId.Language).Streetname, but this generates an error on the embedded pagegroup index. On the other hand .LanguageDependendInfo(NL).Streetname (which I would use behind the scenes. Searchable, but not shown) works fine, so somehow it should be possible.  Do I need to surround my index with some code in order to execute this first and use the result? Help appreciated!


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