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Posted: April 8, 2021
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Posted: 8 Apr 2021 15:27 EDT
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IAM role for S3 Repository


We are using Pega 8.5.2 hosted on EKS. We have IAM role authorized for S3 access.

When we configure S3 as a repository, it asks for AccessKeyID and secret which are applicable for IAM user. We verified that s3 repo can be configured using IAM user. But we have a key rotation policy of 90 days for IAM user access key and secret.


  1. Is there a way to configure S3 repo using IAM instance profile role?
  2. If we use IAM user Access Key and Secret, is there a programmatic way to rotate these credentials in Pega every 90 days or so?
  3. Any other way to use S3 to store attachments?
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