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Identifying ECS-Enterprise Class Structure Work/Data/Int Elements

How do classify ECS elements as work , Data , Int elements after ECS creation

  1. Any Data Page holds Service End Point URLs – can be considered as Data Page – Is In Data correct
  2. Service Rule – Service Soap , Service Rest – Is considered as Int elements correct?
  3. Section , Report Definition can be – either in Work or Data correct?
  4. Service Activity – can be considered as Int element correct?
  5. Cache Report is coming from System - so it comes under Int element since from system other work , data elements won’t fit
  6. When rule can be any where it could be under work , data even Int correct?
  7. Flow is always under work correct?
  8. Property holds reference data page - is it mean Data Element?
  9. Property holds the data – is it means data element? Since mostly property can be defined in work or data or int element.
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