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IE 11 File download issue in Windows 10

I'm using following script in IE11 windows 7 to download attachment which is working fine. The same script is throwing exception in IE11 Windows 10. Please find attached screenshot for reference. If there any alternatives please suggest that also.

using System.Windows.Automation;
using OpenSpan.Diagnostics;

OpenSpan.Adapters.Controls.Control control, int pauseDuration, string choice, out string message

return type:bool

Diagnostic.TraceVerbose("Script", string.Format("Choose script running, Choice: {0}", choice));

switch (choice)


case "Open":

return ClickButton(control, pauseDuration, "Open", out message);

case "Save":

return ClickButton(control, pauseDuration, "Save", out message);

case "Save As":

return DownloadSaveAs(control, pauseDuration, out message);

case "Show all content":

return ClickButton(control, pauseDuration, "Show all content", out message);


message = "invalid option";

Diagnostic.TraceVerbose("Script", string.Format("Choose script complete, Message: {0}, Result: FALSE", message));

return false;

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