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Posted: October 27, 2020
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IE11 textarea in paragraph rule


I face the following problem:

We have long paragraph rule with date inside it.

Problem: in IE11 paragraph rule doesn`t "wrap text" and all data in IE11 appears in 1 single line, because of that our UI little broke. (ie_log1line.jpg)

I found that this is a pega problem:

So I wrapped my paragraph rule into <textarea> (I need it work with word-wrap/word-break css styles in IE11) But then I met the next problem:

I have a date control inside a paragraph rule. Date control call DateTime control (in ruleset Pega-Gadgets), the last one - final pega rule - doesn`t have "omit extra space", so my message looks like that: (without_omit_space.jpg) - bunch of new lines can be healed by checkbox "omit extra spaces" in the DateTime control.

But even if I add "omit extra space" I got some extra spaces, which doesn`t look good. This problem can be solved by "white-space: normal" in all browsers except IE11, but I need it to be solved in IE11.

---- To summarize:

Main problem - I need paragraph rule wrap words to a new line in IE11. Trying to solve that, I meet the next new problems:

1. DateTime control (in ruleset  Pega-Gadgets) hasn`t "omit extra space" checkbox.

2. That checkbox delete not all spaces and "white-space: normal" doesn`t work in IE11.

Can you help me with that problem?

Pega Platform 7.2.2 User Interface
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