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Posted: July 9, 2020
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Impact of Auto scaling on agents, indexing and kafka streaming, robotics process

Hi ,


We are upgrading from 7.2.2 to PEGA 8.4 and building infrastructure for ASW cloud (client managed ) in auto scaling mode. I have couple of questions on application behaviour / impact after auto healing/auto scaling.

1) Application Agents from 7.2.2 are not changed to job scheduler / queue processor yet in will there be any impact on advanced agents or standard agent in auto scaling. How Agents will distribute/redistribute the work in case of scale up and down (advanced and standard)

2) If my search nodes goes down and new node comes up , will it lose all the indexed data as completely new jvm will spawn up. Is it good idea to move indexed data from JVM's to s3 bucket or some secure storage.

3) What would be the impact on kafka data(kept in kafka directory), if stream nodes are down and new node is up and old stream jvm are destroyed. Any impact on lossing this data, does it create new data /recover data for new node by itself or any procedure need to be followed.

4) As in auto scaling mode nodes will keep on changing (ip and node id), will it be an issue for robotic processing and configuration set up for robo. 


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