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bhargavi Nagilla (SnehaBhargaviN)
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bhargavi Nagilla
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Virtusa Consulting services
Posted: August 21, 2020
Last activity: August 31, 2020

To implement Download Pdf in Screenflow



I have a requirement that is " A user submits his/her application in tabbed Screen flow. After submitting the application. After submitting the application a message is shown to user that you application is submitted successfully". Now my requirement is I need to provide a link to down load the application in pdf format for future reference purpose. 

To achieve this i am following the below approach. Please correct me if I am wrong or suggest me any other approach.

my Approach:

1) for this I am providing pyID as input parameter.

2)Then I am getting handle of that particular record by using Obj-Open-By-Handle.

3)So after that I am preparing one flat screen for review screen to convert it to HTML

4)And that flat screen i need to convert that html to pdf and I need to download that pdf.

Is this the correct approach or if you  have any other approach please let me know

Thanks in Advance.



Bhargavi Nagilla


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