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Implementing an Activity to create an Organization

I am somewhat new with Pega. I am on a team that has been tasked with creating an application that builds Pega applications. This application takes the business user/owner's specifications with a lead system architect's requirements to create an application. This application is created with classes, rulesets, access groups, work queues(baskets), etc.

Right now we are working on giving the user the option to create a new organization if there is one that doesn't exist. From what i gathered from coworkers we need to use an activity to have our data persist. My question is how to use an activity to create an organization? I have been searching through activities trying to find one that is already created that I could model my activity after with little success. There are many activities that relate to the creation of an organization that I have seen, but I am just hit a wall and was curious if there was anyone out there with experience, or knowledge they could share with me. Thanks for reading!

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