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Posted: October 25, 2017
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In imported History records, message displays the *name* of a Field Value instead of the *value* of the Field Value

In a case history table, the column pyMessageKey has values like this:

  • [QUAD-Order2Cash-Work-Order.pyHistoryMemo]ItemCreated
  • [QUAD-Order2Cash-Work-Order.pyHistoryMemo]OverallSLADeadline
  • [QUAD-Order2Cash-Work-PrePrdTcktCreation.pyHistoryMemo]AssignmentRoutedDamian MatusekComplete this form when you have finished working on this Prelim Production Ticket

They appear to be references to Field Value rules:

  • The first two are the identifying data for a Field Value rule.
  • The third is the identifying data for a Field Value rule followed by parameter values that should be supplied to the Field Value rule

On the Audit tab of a case, in the target system, Pega is showing the literal text, given above, that seems to be references to Field Value rules. On the source system, Pega shows the correct text - as if it "executed" the Field Value rules and incorporated parameter values when neded.

These records come from an export performed by the Pega Cloud team. The values are exactly as they appear in the export file. We imported them with SQL*Loader. It was our hope that Pega would resolve these references to Field Value rules into the expected values.

Has anyone seen something like this?

I can imagine two areas as the source of the error, based on whether the export is valid:

  • If the export is invalid
    • solution: the Cloud Team needs to do something different on export so that the export file contains the appropriate text
  • If the export is valid
    • We need to to something after import in order to resolve the Field Value references into real values.
    • I say "after import", rather than "during import" because surely SQL*Loader cannot resolve the Field Value references


  • Source Pega 7.2.1, Postgres, running on Pega Cloud
  • Target Pega 7.2.1, Oracle, running on-premises

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