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Include title in push notification in pega marketing

Hi all,

We want to include a title when we are sending push notification for IOS and android using an action in Pega Marketing. We are using the push notification shape and it does not have the field for a title. What we have tried is to put the title in additional values but When the notifiaction arrives the title is misplaced. 

what the app is waiting i something like this:


  "aps" : {

        "alert" : {

            "title" : "Game Request",

            "body" : "Bob wants to play poker",

            "action-loc-key" : "PLAY"


     "badge" : 5




And we are sending  this:

    aps =     {
        alert = "Test JSON";
        badge = 1;
        sound = default;
    imageUrl = test;
    title = "title";


Any suggestion or comment to achieve this?.



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