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Posted: August 14, 2018
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Inconsistent delimiter used when exporting from a datapage to a .csv

We have the same application deployed on a number of different environments, Development, UAT, Production etc.
When exporting datapage records from one environment we have noticed that the delimiter used is not the same as other environments, and it also differs between users.

For example two developers in the same office accessing the same environment both exported the same table, for Developer A the file was separated by “,” and for developer B it was “;” used as the delimiter.

Likewise for developer A all enviorments generate an exported .csv file with "," dilimeters while for Developer B Development and Production generate a .csv file with ";" as a dilimeter while UAT generates a file with ","

Is there an operator setting that we are unaware of that is causing this?

Changing the regional settings on the laptop/desktop has no effect on what is exported, only on how it is getting displayed

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