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Posted: November 18, 2019
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Index file Unavailable

In one of the test environments, the Index files are getting corrupted often and it causes issue with SEARCH in the portal. The test environment has 20 jvms and index node is setup in 4 jvms (out of 20). Each time when it is corrupted, we are performing the following steps -

1. Stop the server

2. Manually delete all the index files or directories in the /apps/CSAR/PRPCtextIndex directory in all nodes.

3. Restart the server.

4. Start Re-indexing from Designer Studio

This workaround is time consuming and the issue repeats often. Also the re-indexing takes hours and users cannot use SEARCH functionality until it is fixed. We are looking to fix this permanently so that index file does not get corrupted.

Our pega version is 7.2.1. Can you pls help?

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