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Inheriting Access Groups or building them on top of each other


In the process of assessing and configuring Pega KM, in the implementation guide, Our Application Should be built on top of Pega KM, which is on top of PRPC.

This Way Custom Application can see all the rules in Pega KM since it is on top of it.

Now, let's say I want to use only my custom application that already has access groups and operators all configured. That means I have to have the access group of Pega KM let's say the KMPublisher with all its rights on the KC classes.
But since I am using my custom application CustomAccessGroup, then the operator of the CustomAccessGroup does not have the AccessRoles of a KMPublisher, unless I manually insert all the access roles of the KMPublisher AG into the CustomAccessGroup

The question is, to avoid manual insertion of the access roles and having a spagetti access roles inside the access group.

Is there a way to:

1. Build Access groups on top of each other? (like building the application on top of each other)


2. Have the operator having two "Active" Access Groups at the same time? (Because if I have them on the operator, but only the CustomAccessGroup of the custom application is selected, it does read the rights and priviliges of the non selected one although inserted for the operator)

Thank you


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