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Posted: February 12, 2018
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Initiate different top level cases based on decision tree for multiple records in the pagelist

Hi ,

We have a requirement like below.

1. We have three different case types ex. Case1 , Case 2 and Case 3. In future , There can be some more Case types.

2. Case 3 creates a pagelist like

Record 1 (With some fields)

Record 2 (With some fields)

Record 3 (With some fields)

3. After creating pagelist, based on the fields value we have to decide that which top case type needs to be initiated.Ex

Record 1 -> Case Type 2

Record 2 -> Case Type 2

Record 3 -> Case Type 1.

Is there a OOTB way to achieve this ? We already went through community questions like below, But could not find a way to initiate case type based on decisions on records.



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