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Inputting Comma Separated Criteria Value for List View Condition Using Property Reference

Hi All,

I want to add a criteria in a list view where a specific criteria value will be taken from a data page. So, just as an example, consider the below scenario:

The List View Rule (Say, P) is created in "Rule-Obj-Class"

I want to see instances with class "A" or "B" or "C". Thereby the criteria field is pxObjClass

I don't want to hardcode "A", "B", "C" in the list view rule. Rather, I want these values to be set in a Data Page property. Say, for example, D_Sample.XYZ

So, I have set the value of the property in this way: D.SampleXYZ = "A","B","C" (The comma and "" are present in the property value as I used delimiters)

However, when I run the list view, it takes the criteria as (Checked through the pyPreparedValues page under List View content page) pxObjClass is equal to "A","B","C"

When I hardcode it in the criteria value field of list view rule like this: "A,"B","C", it however works and creates proper condition (.pxObjclass = 'A' OR .pxObjClass = 'B' OR .pxObjClass = 'C')

I am not sure why it is not working when I specify the exact same value through a property reference. Can anyone please help?


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